Thursday, October 12, 2023

Playing for Milestones at 3 Months

Now that baby is starting to master bottle feeding, sleeping, and eye gaze, many parents start to wonder about the next milestones. In this post, we'll discuss those milestones and cover some FUN ways to help baby achieve them.

At three months, babies average 14 to 17 hours of sleep daily! Some may sleep up to seven hours at night, and nap two to three times a day. They typically eat every two to four hours, some lasting longer at night. Here's a quick list of what else baby may do at this age: 

Bring hands to mouth
Turn in direction of a sound
LOL. Yes, baby may surprise you by laughing out loud. Can you resist laughing back? So ADORBS.
Roll from tummy to back (usually by surprise)
Lift head 90 degrees while laying on tummy
Start stringing together vowel sounds -- Ahhhh, Oooo!
Grasp presented toys that are easy to hold on to 
Enjoy looking at pictures as you turn pages to read to baby (If baby can stay awake!)

And how can you help baby at this stage?

  • Hugs! Studies show that hugs help with cognitive development, so give baby all the hugs!
  • Provide play times with baby gyms, mats, and sensory toys (music, lights, voice, movement) that respond to baby's touch and movement
  • Sing songs to baby, using different voice tones, and give some fun surprise endings
  • Raspberries (not to eat, but you know, blowing those vibrating lips on baby's hands, cheeks, neck, tummy. . . it's a tickle and a kiss all in one)
  • Help baby clap hands, especially to a song or rhyme
  • Take baby outside to see new things
  • Tummy time, help baby reach for toy from prone position
  • Lay baby on a play mat to reach for items and to kick freely or at an object/toy
  • Provide a child safe mirror for baby to see him/herself
  • Provide mobile or other interesting item for where you lay baby (swing, crib, mat on floor) 
  • Entice baby to interest in the things you've provided and play together